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Experienced Triathlon Travel, Adventure Travel, and Ironman Travel experts.

At The Triathlon Experience we have specific travel expertise, Ironman training experience and triathlon travel experience to help you maximize your triathlon experience and triathlon vacation.  We offer full service research and support with EVERYTHING you will need to get to the starting line without a hitch.

Online Race Advice and Guidance

We offer a long list of race experiences.   Our knowledge and interest spans Ironman, Half Ironman, Marathons, Skyrunning, Swimming, Cycling, Running, Rugby, and spectating.   We can consult with you from anywhere in the world and offer online consulting via web and teleconference.  We can provide specific insight to your race planning and preparation for individuals and groups.  We can be a complete virtual triathlon travel consultant and tour guide.




Racing and Traveling to Colorado?

Based in Colorado we can provide specific support to athletes racing in the multitude of events hosted in Colorado.     Enjoy spectating the world stage events such as the Pro Cycling Challenge or visit Infinity Park in Rugbytown USA.



Valued Triathlon Travel Services

We can arrange flights, hotels, guides, transfers and activities as your tour consultant.   The Triathlon Experience provides detailed organization and planning.  We research details such as flight options, luggage specifics, racing & training Insurance, diet/seating, frequent flyer, visas, passports, transfers, car hire,  and overnights.




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